ODE’s Top 10

(Reasons to have a gas fire pit)


  1. Improve the feel and usage of your outdoor living space by creating a cool place for your family and friends to gather. Or make it your own little sanctuary to relax, taking in the fresh evening air with the warmth of the fire on your face at the end of a long day.


  1. Add style and enhance the design of your outdoor living room. Choose from a range of round or square cast concrete finished products. To something very original like the Burning Rock or Stump to create a unique focal point. Or go with one of the flaming table designs to add sophistication and style to any outdoor seated area.


  1. No need to prep, providing you have gas in the tank there is no need plan or prep. You can come home, light the fire, kick the shoes off and pour yourself a glass of whatever takes your fancy. Then it’s time to unwind. Good times!



  1. Easy to light, no need for lighter fluid or sticks, a simple twist of a dial and the push of a button will give instant warmth and atmosphere.


  1. Easy to fuel, no need stock up on logs or worry about your supply getting damp. A small 5kg propane tank will give you an average 9 hours of use, with a 13.5kg giving over 24.


  1. Minimal cleaning required, no one likes having to clean out a dusty ash basin. So, with the no mess no fuss gas fire pit system there is very little to do. However, to ensure you keep cleaning to a minimum we recommend that you use the canvas tarp when the fire is not in use.


  1. Controlled heat delivery, aside from being very aesthetically pleasing you can adjust the flame and heat deliver at the turn of a dial. Letting you tailor the flame purely for ambience on a mild summers evening or to warm cold fingers and faces at a winter BBQ. The Elementi range can deliver up to 45K BTU making them a powerful outdoor heater.


  1. More heat efficiency, fire glass radiates 3-4 times more heat than the conventional burning of wood because of the reflective surface of the glass. The glass radiates the heat and provides a consistent delivery.


  1. No Smell, as enjoyable as spending time outside beside a raging wood fire is. There’s nothing pleasant about the smell of your hair and clothes once you come indoors again. The Gas fire pits omit a very low odour when lit.


  1. No irritants, as there is virtually no fumes you do not have to suffer burning eyes or a throat full of smoke every time the wind changes.